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21 Pineapples Monthly Subscription Box

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Introducing "Nate's Crate" - the 21 Pineapples Monthly Subscription Box!

You'll receive TWO Inspiring and Fun-Loving products each and every month that are 100% EXCLUSIVE to our subscribers.  These products will not be released on the site and only available through Nate's Crate Subscriptions!

FLEXIBLE & NO STRINGS ATTACHED - You can cancel your subscription at anytime, but trust us, you'll NEVER want to cancel receiving these AMAZING products from Nate!

HOW PAYMENT WORKS - Your card will be charged on the 1st of every month.  If you sign up for Nate's Crate after the 24th of the month, you will receive the following month's box at the start of said month.  For example, if you order your subscription box during the dates of July 1st - July 24th, your box will be shipped starting on August 1st.  If you order during the dates of July 25th - August 24th, your first box would ship on September 1st.

Nate's Crate is an easy way to support the mission of 21 Pineapples and get EXCLUSIVE access to products and designs not available on the site!  Nate's Crate is also a way to save close to $10 on a regular order of two products!

Don't wait any longer - You do not want to miss out on the COOL and INSPIRING products coming up in the next "Nate's Crate"!!!

Our mission is a simple one...

We want to change the way others perceive people with down syndrome and other special abilities.

Our vision is to have some of the most extraordinary apparel designs that spark conversation when worn, giving our customers an opportunity to help spread our message to others.

A percentage of all profit will also go directly to support down syndrome organizations throughout the world.

Some see a disability, we see endless abilities. Let's change the world together one funky shirt at a time!

Nate Simon, CEO